Craving Something Sweet? Check Out the All-New Jilly’s Cupcake Bar & Café in Edwardsville!

Who doesn’t love savoring something sweet every now and again? If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then we have great news for you – Jilly’s Cupcake Bar and Café is now open as of July 20!

This St. Louis-based, award-winning gourmet cupcake shop is located at 222 E. Park Street in the Madison Mutual building, right next door to the newly-opened Crushed Red! USA Today has named Jilly’s as one of the top 10 places to enjoy a gourmet cupcake in the nation, and they are also a 2-time winner of the Food Network’s show “Cupcake Wars.” Be sure to step in and enjoy one of or more of Jilly’s amazing confections, whether you choose from the limited Cupcakes of the Month, one of the regular favorites, or a simple yet delicious iced cupcake without the frills.

Right now, July’s Cupcakes of the Month include Space Monkey, Cuban Coffee, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Vodka Lemon Drop, S’murtle (that’s a S’mores and a turtle together!), and Birthday Cake Gooey Butter. Of course, you can always select one of the regulars, whether it’s the 24-Karat Carrot Cake cupcake, the Reese’s Chunkage, the KA-BOOMM (which is a glorious mixture of vanilla cake with M&Ms and Oreo Mousse filling, all topped with Oreo and vanilla buttercream, mini M&Ms, brownie morsels, and chocolate drizzle) or any other tantalizing cupcake.

Need to grab some cupcakes on the go? No problem! Just put together a 6-pack of your favorite cupcakes or mix and match them for you to sample and share with your friends.

Want to learn more? Be sure to visit Jilly’s website at for more information!