You’re a Star, Madison County!

Have you ever wondered if your hometown or your favorite places in Madison County have ever hit the big time? We have, too! That’s why we’ve taken the liberty to look around and see just how famous Madison County is, and we’ve turned up quite a bit!

Check out the many appearances that the great towns in Madison County have made in pop culture!


The Lucky Ones

Many scenes for the movie “The Lucky Ones,” featuring Tim Robbins and Rachel McAdams, were set and filmed in downtown Edwardsville! Even though the movie is supposed to take place in Denver, Colorado, banners that read “Welcome to Denver!” were hung on Main Street, making viewers believe they were really in Denver. Check it out to see if you can recognize Main Street!


Two cities in Madison County starred in this 1978 film. Scenes were filmed in both downtown Edwardsville and in parts of Alton!

Marshall the Miracle Dog

Are you a fan of Cleveland-Heath? Pay attention to a particular diner scene in “Marshall the Miracle Dog,” and you may recognize one of your favorite local restaurants! This film about an adorable 3-legged dog is partially filmed in downtown Edwardsville and is based on true events!



Sufjan Stevens

Highland gets quite the shout-out from Sufjan Stevens on his 2005 album, Come On, Feel the Illinois(e)! On the first track, “Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois,” you’ll be whisked away into a narrative in which a UFO is spotted first in Highland and later in nearby Lebanon. This is based on real-life events in which several people reported seeing a large triangular object with 3 lights flying at night back in 2000.


TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off

Speaking on Highland, a local pastry shop called Patty Cakes was featured on TLC’s show, Ultimate Cake Off and won not once, but TWICE! Owner Pat Jacoby’s team won first place in season 1 and season 2. You can savor their award-winning pastries by visiting them on the Square in Highland!

Ghost Hunters

Alton’s Milton School, an abandoned elementary school, was featured on season 6 of Ghost Hunters. The team visited the location, which is rumored to have been the site of a murder in the 1930s. The skeptical team experienced odd activity in many locations, including loud footsteps, strange noises, and unexplainable whispers!

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